Operations Report – November 27th

EVA #5 Report

Today our EVA was conducted out-of-sim, with the purpose of further testing our 3D scanning and imagery technology out on the field. Jordan, Ashton, Toruwa, Dean, and I took Deimos and three ATVs to Lith Canyon. We left the hab at approximately 12:20 PM. On the way, we stopped by the location where we obtained the specimens and return them as we found them before.

After spending some time there, we arrived to the Lith Canyon turnout by around 1:15 PM. We walked to the ridge overlooking the canyon and conducted our activities in this area. We stayed here until about 2:30 PM, and made our way back to the Hab by 3:10 PM.

Have a good night Mission Support!

Brandon Ferguson

EVA Officer

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