Journalist Report – January 24th


[Sol 12]


It seems that the first week on Mars we tried to get used to the weather, landscapes and silence. In the middle of our last week, the laughs and happiness of the crew interrupt the void of this desert. And it’s not because we look forward to our rocket travel home, it’s because we now share something no other humans have experienced.

Before noon our space cowboys traveled to red hills and white sand dunes. There the team found rocky treasures and the indicated terrain to test the small Guache, a Colombian rover with the ability to take care of the pockets of its creators without affecting their results. Successful suspensions.

Also there with a landscape that combines the inert orange of the sky and the crimson mountains of the fourth planet taking advantage of the benefits of the distant terrestrial satellites managed to draw maps in three dimensions to help future astronauts on Mars to recognize the zones and learn more of these seductive grounds.

As each afternoon we have enjoyed our food together, they say that with a full stomach, conversations flow easier, our feelings and emotions. Then the human nature of digestion forced us to leave the coexistence to rest in our spaces.

What precedes the end of the day is a stellar marathon from the cloudless Mars. Earth, we can see you. We can see you and miss your good things, but also the bad things like when happiness comes before sadness, like when warm tones are the only colors that surrounds you and awaken in us the sound of birds in the morning or waves crashing on the coast .

This quiet night, the stars shine for us, we are still here Mars.

LATAM II will continue to inform

Tania Robles, MDRS Crew 187 Journalist

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