Sol Summary – January 24th

Crew 187 Sol 12 Summary Report 24JAN2018

Sol 12

Summary Title: Counting Stars

Author’s name: Cynthia Fuertes Panizo

Mission Status: All nominal

Sol Activity Summary:

Hello Earth!

How is everything going on?

We have a few days left on Mars. It’s amazing how fast the days pass when you’re comfortable in one place. We ate breakfast together while we speaking about the life and a lot of things. Later, we did the psychological tests of Danton’s project. Just before noon, our Martian explorers were ready to start their adventure. At 11:45, Atila, Oscar, David and Danton started their depressurization. Nine minutes later, they left the habitat and disappear in the horizon. At 12:30, the Martian explorers arrived at Quary Rd. Oscar’s rover was tested and Danton’s drone flew to make a 3D mapping of the area. Five minutes before 14 hrs, the Hab received the explorers and we ate a vegetarian lunch together, cooked by the Martian Chef, Oscar. At least for one day, we knew the feeling of eating as our favorite as our favorite Martian vegetarian, David.

In the afternoon, The Martians took a nap while Oscar was reading Artemis from Andy Weir and I was working on my project (programming and recognizing objects).

Before CapCom, the crew went to the observatory and use the Celestron telescope. The view of the moon and the Orion Nebula from Mars is wonderful. Currently, everybody is doing a report for CapCom, After the sign-off, we are going to come back to the Observatory to continue watching the starts from Mars, therefore, tomorrow wait for an Astronomy Report!

Ad Astra,

Cynthia Fuertes Panizo

Commander Crew 187 – MDRS

Look Ahead Plan:

Tomorrow, The Martian explorers are going to Candor Chasma Canyon. The lucky Martians are Atila, Tania, Luis and David. Meanwhile, Tania, Luis and I are going to Cowboy’s corner in the Extraordinary EVA.

Anomalies in work:


Weather: Temperature: 5°C, Fairweather, Winds speed: calm, Humidity 41%, Barometer 30.35 in

Crew Physical Status: Healthy

Today’s EVA:

Location: Quary Rd

Duration: From 11:45 until 13:55

Purpose: Usage of rovers for battery discharge, aerial mapping of terrain, testing of mid-range EVA protocols, testing Oscar’s rover.

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, GeenHab Report, Operations Report, EVA Request, EVA Report and Journalist Report.

Support Requested:


Sol Activity Summary:

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