EVA Report – February 3rd

EVA #6

Author’s name: Renee Garifi, Executive Officer

Number of EVA Crew: 3
Participants: Ryan Kobrick, Renee Garifi, Julia De Marines
EVA Commander: Renee Garifi

Location: Lith Canyon and Goblins
UDM27 Coordinates: 519500E, 4256500N

Rovers used: Deimos and Curiosity
Duration: 3 hours, 11 minutes
EVA Departure Time: 10:18
EVA Return Time: 13:29


We drove north on Cow Dung Road to Lith Canyon where we collected hilltop soil samples for the astrobiological micrometeorite investigation and hunted the lower areas for chlorophyll samples to collect. Along the way, we mapped our route using Garmin GPS waypoint drops for archive and analysis of sample collection spots. Both objectives were successfully completed. The final waypoint took the crew to the Goblins site to investigate the area for potential future sampling and video.

We left the airlock at 10:18 and departed for our driving route with Renee and Ryan riding in the Deimos rover and Julia following in Curiosity. At 10:33, we passed Cowboy’s Corner and reached the out-of-range point for the long-range radios. Once in the target area of Lith Canyon, we parked the rovers and proceeded by foot to the Goblins site.

We took photos and videos and collected some scientific samples of rock, soil and small green leaves and rocks for chlorophyll analysis. We also shot some photos and videos for our documentary and enjoyed the breathtaking view from the higher points.

We worked as a team to carefully navigate the rough terrain and slowed our pace when the team was showing signs of fatigue. We opted to skip the Marble Ceremony stop on the way back to the Hab in order to save time and departed Lith Canyon to return to the Hab.

We checked back in with HABCOM at 13:04 when we were back in radio range. We completed the EVA at 13:29.

EVA was a success.

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