EVA Report – February 3rd

EVA #7

Author’s name: Tatsunari Tomiyama AHFP, Health & Safety Officer

Number of EVA crew: 3

Participants: Sarah Jane Pell, Zac Trolley, and Tatsunari Tomiyama
EVA Commander: Sarah Jane Pell

Purpose of EVA: To get dirty and gather data for the dust study. (Primary Objective) To scout the rim for future EVA missions and observe the area from a high vantage point. (Secondary Objective)

Location of EVA: Hab Ridge, Skyline Rim
UDM27 Coordinates: 5175750E 54250500N

Rovers used: None
Duration: 2 hours 11minutes
EVA Departure Time: 13:30
EVA Return Time: 16:19


There were two objectives for this EVA. Primary objective was to collect data for dust study for NASA and secondary objective was to make more waypoints for future EVA studies. Both objectives were successfully completed.

We had difficulty to find 11:03 road on the way to get Skyline Rim. However, we climbed slopes to get the road while carefully monitoring each other. While climbing, residence-in-artist, Sarah Jane Pell, filmed our activity using bubble.

I am assuming this report will be in journalist report today. After arrived on the Hab Ridge Road, we walked to the South Hab viewpoint and found some animal footprints.

After HABCOM confirmed that we arrived at the objective points and took some photos, we returned to the Hab Ridge Road. We tried to search for the original pathway which is 11:03 and we could found the road.

Then we safely returned.

On the way back to the Hab, we collected some garbage on the past river prints and saw an unknown vehicle as mentioned in the report before.

Dust data collection was performed when we returned to the Hab.

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