EVA Report – February 5th

Crew 188 EVA #9 Summary Report 05FEB2018
Author’s name: Julia DeMarines, Crew Astronomer, Green Hab Operator

Purpose of EVA: Scouting of Crew 187’s recommended exploration area for chlorophyll sample collection and potential site for artistic Performing Astronautics and Bending Horizons projects using the Insta360 Pro Camera.

Location of EVA: “Despacito Rd” via 1101 off of Cow Dung Road UDM27 Coordinates: 519000 E, 4247500 N (the crew has mapped out several waypoints along potential path for confirmation)

Number of EVA Crew: 3
Participants: Ryan Kobrick (EVA CDR), Sarah Jane Pell, Julia DeMarines EVA Commander: Ryan Kobrick

Road(s) and routes per MDRS map:
1. Take East on Entrance Road (Driving)
2. Turn Right into Cow Dung Road (Driving)
3. Turn right on Crew 187’s “Despacito Rd” at 1101 marker (Driving) 4. Park at the end of the road near fence/gate
6. Resume walking towards West
7. Return by the same route

Mode of Travel: ATV and Pedestrian
Vehicles you will be using (if applicable): Blue ATVs 1, 2, 3, and Red ATV 4 Rovers used: None
Duration: 2 hours 41 minutes
EVA Departure Time: 10:26
EVA Return Time: 13:07


We started up our ATV’s and drove staggered to our first waypoint at the intersection of Cow Dung road and “Despacito Rd” at the 1101 marker. Despacito Rd was much rockier than Cow Dung Rd and we advanced with caution around some high slope and eroded out areas. All four of us made it to our destination safely and parked the ATV’s. Next we walked around and explored the region for suitable spots for Dr. Sarah Jane Pell’s Performing Astronautics and Bending Horizons projects. Sarah Jane found a central spot to set up her Insta360º Pro camera and we recorded about 10 minutes of footage of the crew playing with bubbles at varying distances and heights around the camera. This made an excellent test run for Sarah Jane’s project, which she hopes to begin record tomorrow. Julia DeMarines collected several green samples for her Chlorophyll project.

Once the team was satisfied with their collections, footage, and exploration, we decided to head back home. This was not a difficult decision to make, as it was the hottest day on “Mars” since we arrived, and we were all feeling the heat. Not because we are all (obviously) outstandingly attractive but because the spherical helmet has a way of amplifying the Sun’s rays and we were wearing more than one layer of clothing. On the way back on Cow Dung Rd we stopped at a site of interest that we saw on the way out which looked like another excellent area for Sarah Jane’s Performing Astronautics and Bending Horizons project. We got off of our ATV’s and explored around for 10 minutes finding an even better location for filming. We marked a waypoint on Ryan’s GPS and headed back to the base. Once we had arrived we filled up the gas tanks on the ATV’s while we were waiting for Ryan’s dust project to be ready in the airlock. At 13:07 we entered the airlock, at 13:12 we entered the Hab, and at 13:31 we officially ended EVA #9 after removing our equipment, plugging them in, and cleaning our helmets. We will consider dressing lighter underneath our flight suits on future hot days as it was 20ºC by the time we returned.

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