Journalist Report – February 5th

Crew 188 Journalist Report 05FEB2018

Inspiring people using different language

SOL-8 Author’s Name: Tatsunari Tomiyama AHFP


The primary objective in this report is to educate and advertise our mission, crew 188, using different language(s). Our crews are mostly English speakers. I am the only crew member who can use an official space language other than English. By writing down English and Japanese, we are trying to educate other people who do not know English in Japan. As a secondary objective, the report is trying to inspire the Japan Mars Society. This report is the first time. Therefore, I would like to introduce our research projects while in the simulation. This report is written in English first for mission operation to help what I am writing and Japanese is followed.

Crew 188 is consisting by the International Space University (ISU) alumni. This is why Crew 188 is called Team ISU. I am also the alumni of Space Studies Program 2015 (SSP15). Other crew members also graduated with their masters and/or participated a program hosted by ISU previously. All of our member hold doctoral degree or a certain professional type of certification. Although I do not hold doctoral degree, I myself have Associate Human Factors Professional
certification by Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics even though I am still studying for master’s degree.

Our crew member brought multiple research projects for the future space pioneering activity. The research is focusing on the Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA) and creating infrastructure at the station. Some of research is assigned by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and significant aerospace research universities such as Embry-Riddle University. We brought over $30,000 for research equipments. In addition to research experiments, our team is trying to perform some public events. Before this report, super blue blood moon has been completed by Dr. Sarah Jane Pell.

We have spent about 1 week of missions while I am writing this report at the station. So far, we are doing well. Crew member statuses are good and there is no major issue on their health. All crew members spent time to complete their work or research and we are trying to be productive. In other words, we are very busy under this extreme environment at the Utah. My research has been accepted during this mission and collecting data on time. I do not know whether it is due to my research settings or not, our team situational awareness is relatively higher than other crew members in my opinion because everyone knows what we suppose to do, but we are recognizing other statuses at the same time.




Aeronautical University)のような航空宇宙を研究する重要な研究機関からの実験、研究依頼であり、実験及び研究するための備品費用でおおよそ$30,000ほど掛かっている。実験や研究活動以外にも教育及び宣伝活動を行っている。実際、先日の月食(スーパーブルーブラッドムーン)ではSarah Jane Pell教授が基地で月食を撮影し、その様子がインターネットに公表された。


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