GreenHab Report – February 18th

GreenHab Report


18 feb 2018

Environmental control:

Ambient with fan (high winds today)


Shade cloth on

Average temperatures:

Both thermometers are out of service

I estimated the temperature at 35°C around mid-day

Hours of supplemental light: from 8pm to 11pm

Changes to crops: none

Daily water usage for crops: around 15 gallons

Time(s) of watering for crops: 11am and 6pm


Functionality: The GreenHab heaters are working fine. Both thermometers are out of service, but around mid-day I estimated the temperature at approximately 35 °C, I turned on the fan for half an hour to keep the GreenHab cool. Because of high wind I left the door closed. Humidity was low in the morning (11am – 21 %) and rose up to 28 % during the day. I watered the existing seedlings twice (11am and 6pm) today and they are growing well.

Status: The existing seedlings in the green Hab are continuing to grow. There are a lot of tomato plants around the Hab, and some spinach, lettuce, beans, carrots and onion growing in the small pots. There are some other plants like a variety of spices and a few cucumbers. In the large rectangular pots there are a lot of salads (romaine mainly). I barely got familiar with the GreenHab today.

Planned activity: I will try to do the inventory stock of the greenhab tomorrow if I have time. I will look at the different seeds there are to choose some to plant them.

Support/supplies needed: one or two thermometers

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