Sol Summary – February 18th

Crew 189 Sol Summary Report 18 Feb 2018

Sol 0

Summary Title: Getting Ready

Author: Louis Mangin

Mission Status: All nominal

Sol Activity Summary: Last briefings, beginning of the simulation. We
started by a round trip to Grand Junction to get back the rental car
while the rest of the crew was settling in the hab, learned about the
surroundings and station management with Dr Rupert. Then we learned
about driving, spacesuits, and had a briefing about simulation with Dr
Rupert. We then closed the airlock at 5:50 PM before sunset.

Look Ahead Plan: Because of the wind planned for tomorrow, we changed
of plans, and will only go out for an EVA in the Hab surroundings to
select a location to deploy our air sensors, MegaARES and LOAC.

Anomalies in work: Water leak in the Hab Lower deck, broken fans in
spacesuits, water heater badly calibrated. Two greenhab thermometers
probably broken. Voltmeter not working.

Weather: Very windy, hard to see and to travel without space suits.

Crew Physical Status: Fine, already a bit tired from travel.

EVA: None

Reports to be file:
HSO checklist
Greenhab Officer

Support Requested: One or two thermometers.

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