Commander Report – March 12th

Hi CapCom this is my crew commander report’s for today.

Thanks for reading us!

We began our day by eating the breakfast composed of cereals. Four crew members (Sophie, Martin, Frédéric and Maximilien) immediately started preparing themselves for the first EVA coming at 9am. After getting dressed with the help of the rest of the crew, the EVA team left for the field, staying in communication with the hab for the whole time. The first EVA team came back and explained their impressions of the Mars field to the second EVA team which was already preparing itself for the EVA 1h later. The second team have done their EVA perfectly too and they came back after leaving the sample on the field. Everyone was impressed by the first Martian outing and the landscape so different from the Earth.

After the return of the whole team to the hab, we ate a meal prepared by Ariane. The team took time to discuss and to allow everyone to explain what they expect from their Martian life and to talk about potential problems that could be encountered. This meeting was really interesting to prevent problems in the team life in the future and to allow the commander to better understand the wishes of the team. To start the afternoon, everyone went to their experiment and started to prepare sample, devices and more.

Mario started to build his hydroponic system and found a solution to make it better than it was expected. Martin and Frédéric were preparing the beginning of their experiment using plants. However, Martin had the same problem as Max which is the lack of distilled water, needed for their experiments. Fortunately, a spaceship provided distilled water to the station later during the afternoon.

Bastien used the data provided by the drone to build a detailed map of the Hab’s area and understand how it works. Sophie used the telescope for the first time and took some pictures of the sun. Ariane made her own bread using space baking soda and we are currently eating this bread. Personally, I spend time taking pictures of the crew working hard and I helped Mario for his system building.

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