Commander Report – March 17th

Commander Maximilien Richald

We started our day by a breakfast, followed by the daily health test given by Martin the HSO of the crew. Four of us left for an EVA of two hours. We explored the mountain close from Zubrin’s head where we took pictures and harvested one sample of white soil for me.

After eating a potatoes lunch, some of us rested a bit while the rest of the team was working on its experiments. Martin has problem with his calibration curve for his analysis. The turbidity of his solutions was too high to allow a measurement by UV-Vis spectrophotometry. Fortunately, we worked together to find a solution and get a calibration curve of quality.

Michael solved the IT problem with the rover and he was able to make it riding. Unfortunately, the rover, which was riding around the station, got stuck and we organized a rescue mission to bring it back to the Hab.

In the end of the afternoon, Mario cooked cookies for us and everyone took time to relax. Tonight, we will continue our evening with a diner cooked by Ariane and a “life story” night.

At this time of the mission, nobody is complaining about confined environment or difficulties to live on Mars! Let’s continue like this!

Regarding the station, no significant problem was detected.

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