EVA #7 Report – March 17th

EVA #7 , Sol6
Crew members: Mario Sundic (EVA leader), Ariane Sablon, Maximilien Richald, Michael Saint-Guillain

Near the Hab: 518200E-4250750N
Near Zubrin’s head: 518500E-4248500N

Mario: Pictures for Journalist’s Report and photo a a mountain for Sophie’s muography (potential experimental site).
Maximilien: Soil sampling
Ariane: Checking of Martin Roumain’s drug samples previously disposed around the MDRS
Michael: support

09:28 entering the sas
09:31 end of depressurization
09:34 departure rovers
09:44 arrival at Zubrin’s head
10:06 arrival at the base of the targeted mountain
10:15 departure form mountain site
10:31 soil sampling
10:37 departure with rovers
10:47 arrival MDRS
10:50 pictures MDRS
10:53 check of Martin’s samples
10:57 entering the sas and pressurization

I am Michael Saint-Guillain, and I am writing this report on behalf of the EVA leader Mario Sundic. We entered the sas in time to start the EVA at 9:30. This was our first EVA in the South of MDRS. It is quite surprising to see how the landscape can be slightly different down there compared to the North sites. I personally totally LOVED the landscapes near Zubrin’s head. Totally Martian, as far as I know. After driving the rovers towards the targeted site, we walked for a rough hour, between the hills, mountains and cliffs… Amazing. I would have spend the entire day there. Unfortunately, the schedule (as well as the objectives) had to be respected, and we proceeded to the various soil samplings and photo shootings (required by Sophie for her project of muon detector). Back at the MDRS, we finally checked Martin’s drug sampling (which he disposed outside the MDRS a couple of days ago) as required and entered the sas, our head filled with Martian landscapes.

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