Crew Commander Report – 21st March

Today, we started by a breakfast and participating to Martin’s experiment who is studying the impact of a Martian lifestyle on memory and reflexes. Afterwards, four crew members left for an EVA to “Cactus road”. We took pictures and soil samples for Ariane’s and Maximilien’s experiments. When we came back to the Hab, prior eating, we spent time reading and analyzing our data.

During the afternoon, everyone worked on their experiments and took time relaxing.

We are starting to feel the end of our journey on Mars and we are planning our return to Earth. Scientists are finishing their experiments little by little and gathering their last results.

For some of us, we are starting to feel that living in a confined area on Mars is quite difficult and we miss the easiness of living on Earth. However, it is partially due to the amount of scientific work which is decreasing every day. Meanwhile, the mood of the team is still good and no relational problem appeared during these last days. We are still as close as ever!

Tonight we will have dinner prior organizing the end of our mission and thinking about work that has to be done when we come back on earth.

Regarding the station, the water pump seems to make strange noise (see engineer report).

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