Commander Report – March 22nd

Crew 190 – sol11 – crew commander report 22-03-2018

First, we made a short gym session for waking up. Then, we ate breakfast and we wished a happy birthday to Michael who is now 31 years old. Sophie, Bastien, Mario and Michael left for an EVA up to “Zubrin Head” place. They took some pictures and Bastien mapped the area. Afterwards, they installed the muons detector outside of the station before coming back inside the Hab.

At midday, Ariane started to cook the lunch and we spent time eating and speaking for Michael Birthday’s. To complete our afternoon, everyone worked to his scientific project. Last manipulations will be done tomorrow morning.
Tonight we will have dinner followed by a cake kindly prepared by the crew commander especially for Mick’s birthday.

Tomorrow, we plan to end the experiments and have a small EVA before starting to clean up the whole station. Our way back to Earth is now in the mind of each crew members.

Regarding the station, nothing to declare.

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