EVA Report – March 27th

EVA Report

EVA #3 – 27 Mar 2018 – Sol3
Crew members: Fumiei Morisawa (EVA leader), Venzha Christ, Makoto Kawamura

– Rubbish collections around MDRS
– Lecture about GPS device handling
– Scouting for Venzha’s CMEs project

9:00 – Entering the airlock
9:03 – Collecting an engineering log in EVA
9:34 – Start to garbage collecting and scouting
10:50 – Turn back to the HAB
11:26 – Enter the airlock
11:29 – EVA end

It is sunny and wind is calm today, a condition is nice for collecting rubbish. We have patrolled the foot of North Ridge and collected various rubbish. A piece of cloth, plastic beverage bottle, old glove, and so on. Some of the large object that we couldn’t carry by hand are leaved there as it was. So we need to recollect them on another EVA with a vehicles later on. All the rubbish have recorded by GPS coordinates and photos data.

– none

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