EVA#5 Report 29th March

EVA Report

EVA #5 – 29 Mar 2018 – Sol5

Crew members: Makoto Kawamura (leader), Miho Tsukishiro, Kai Takeda, Fumiei Morisawa (switched from Yusuke Murakami)


– Scouting

– Filming Mars landscape


09:30 – Miho Tsukishiro and Kai Takeda enter the airlock

09:33 – Exit the airlock and begin to engineering check

09:54 – Makoto Kawamura and, Fumiei Morisawa enter the airlock

09:58 – EVA start (All member)

10:25 – Arrived at the Site

10:59 – Turn back to the HAB

11:25 – Enter the airlock

11:28 – EVA end


EVA today was a journalist EVA

We explored to describe MARS great scenery.

Using 360°camera and action cam, we challenged expressions that have never existed.

As a result, we think we are able to capture the dynamic figure of MARS.


– 2 Rovers (Curiosity: Makoto Kawamura, Miho Tsukishiro, Opportunity: Fumiei Morisawa, Kai Takeda)

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