EVA Report – March 31st

EVA Report

EVA #7 – 31 Mar 2018 – Sol7
Crew members: Fumiei Morisawa (EVA leader), Kai Takeda

– Operational check
– Water moving from Sub tank to Main tank

14:05 – Entering the airlock
14:08 – EVA start
14:53 – BACK
14:54 – Entering the Airlock
14:57 – Enter HAB

Today is day-off so today’s EVA was engineering check only. As CREW191 mission reached turnaround point, we moved water from sub-tank to main tank. In the operation we found something like glue on the surface of water in sub-tank. That looks like something chemical materials rather than biological pollution. Anyway, it may be just a little unpleasant for our health.

– none

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