EVA Report – January 17th

Crew 203 EVA Report 17-01-2019

EVA # 3

Author: Liza Forero

Purpose of EVA:

Geology recognition of outcrops, topographic highs, sediment, canyons and lithology. Take samples and data to be processed to make DEM´s (Digital Elevation Model) and data for microbiology tests.

Start time:

End time:


In the EVA Request for today we expected to go to Tank Wash, nevertheless because of the weather and the muddy ground we decided to go to a nearest place, in this case, Kissing Camel Ridge. All this previously approved by Shannon and Atila. During the EVA there were no trouble with suits or with rovers and we went from east to west of the base of the ridge taking pictures, the register of the stratigraphy and some geologic and biologic samples that were taken to the HAB to be analyzed.

8 samples were taken, including sandstones, shales and clays. Each of it are going to be studied and characterized on the science dome with geologic and biologic tests.

The weather was dry, but we felt how the clays were so humid and plastic because of the water they absorbed with the snow. Nothing unusual happened and the EVA were successful.

Destination: Kissing Camel Ridge

Coordinates: 518700 E, 4249290 N

Liza Forero, Yael Méndez, Oscar Ojeda, Hermes Bolívar

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map:
We took the Cow Dung Road 0110 to the south from HAB via Kissing Camel Ridge.

Mode of travel: Rover and walking.

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