Sol Summary – January 17th

Crew 203 Sol Summary Report 17-Jan-2019

Sol: 5

Summary Title: Magnificent Desolation

Author’s name: Oscar Ojeda

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: We entered the second quarter of our mission, a time where routine kicks in (if there is such a thing as routine on Mars). Everyone seemed a little bit tired this morning, but nothing some food and a conversation couldn’t fix. Everyone reviewed their respective projects and systems, had lunch, and then the EVA team started to prepare for our afternoon on the beautiful plains of Mars. The work was amazing, a lot of geology was done, a little sightseeing too. Sometimes inside the hab it’s easy to forget how beautiful Mars is. We were received by some delicious eggs and Tang, talked about the future, and now we’re waiting for another night of laughter, fun, and some sleep. The thought of just having heard the team voices for a few days now just came to our minds, and it’s somehow mindblowing.

Look Ahead Plan: Keep the hard work going…! the nice food being prepared…! the laughter and the bonding…! and make it so that this is just the first step in a long way to go…!

Anomalies in work: None

Weather: Cloudy in the morning (Cumulus), with the presence of Nimbostratus, but no precipitation, near the sunset it was less cloudy. Low to no wind in the morning, in the late afternoon wind speed increased.

Crew Physical Status: In good health…! (and with a cool attitude)

EVA: 1, a team of 4 went to the Kissing Camel ridge (yay, about time)

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, Operations Report, Greenhab Report, Journalist Report, EVA Report.

Support Requested: None, unless you can send us an autonomous robot that does the chores and takes away the mud 🙂

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