EVA Report – February 13th

Crew 205 EVA Report 13 FEB 2019
EVA #05
Author: D. Masaitis, Executive Officer

Purpose of EVA: Terrain familiarization and sample collection

Start time: 1030
End time: 1320

Narrative: Crew 205 received a mission change at 0800 hrs from the MDRS Director, and accepted a destination change from Maxwell Montes to Candor Chasma for their morning EVA. The team began pre-EVA preparations at 0930 hrs and entered the airlock for depressurization at 1020 hrs. The team initiated movement north on Cow Dung Road, using Curiosity and Opportunity to navigate north on Cow Dung Road and then east on Galileo Road. Communications were lost as expected, so the team proceeded east on Galileo Road before assuming a short halt at 0519900/4252950 to perform an orientation map check before descending into less-elevated terrain of S. Cactus Road.

Curiosity and Opportunity tracked southbound on Cactus Road (1104) until connecting with a dried stream bed, identified on the map as Stream Bed Connector. Here the team parked and dismounted to move into the western side of Candor Chasma.

Sample collection began as soon as the team got down into the canyon. V. Trivino (ENG) assisted N. Hadland with sample collection and labeling, while H. Blackburn took photographs of sample locations. D. Masaitis (XO) maneuvered slightly ahead of the collection team to locate follow-on collection sites, and the team continued to work its way east. By the time they reached 0520378/4251094 the team decided that they had collected enough samples as they could carry, and opted to return to the rovers. Upon reaching the rovers, there was still time remaining in the approved EVA window, so the team opted to backtrack up S. Cactus Road to get closer to a unique hilltop in the vicinity of 0520050/4251650.

After relocating the rovers, the team dismounted and climbed the hilltop to take some extra photographs for the Crew Journalist. While there, the EVA team established visual contact of N. Cactus Road heading towards Maxwell Montes and confirmed it against the map. The team returned to the rovers and began moving back towards the HAB, making one additional short halt in the vicinity of 0519900/4252950 to take a few more photos while D. Masaitis (XO) re-established communications with the HAB.

After a successful communication with HAB Control, the EVA team backtracked its route to the HAB, stowed the rovers and reported rover SOC (Curiosity:71%, Opportunity:67%) and hours (Curiosity:74.3, Opportunity:50.1) to HAB Control. At 1320 hours, the EVA team initiated their 5-minute pressurization, ending the EVA.

Destination: Candor Chasma, western end
Coordinates: 0520300/4251100
Participants: Dave Masaitis (XO), Nathan Hadland (GHO), Veronica Trivino (ENG), Hannah Blackburn (COMMS)
Roads and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Road (0110) to Galileo Road (1104) to South Cactus Road (1104)
Mode of Travel: Driving (Cow Dung Rd, Galileo Rd, S. Cactus Rd.) and Walking (W. Candor Chasma)

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