EVA Report – February 13th

Crew 205 EVA Report 13 FEB 2019
EVA #06
Author: D. Masaitis, Executive Officer
Purpose of EVA: Terrain familiarization and sample collection
Start time: 1500
End time: 1551

Narrative: Meteorological conditions altered the EVA plan immediately, with high winds making flight testing of Crew 205’s unmanned aerial vehicle non-viable. The UAV was therefore left at the Hab prior to departure, but sample collection materials were retained. EVA #06 began at 1500 hours. The team headed to Old Repeater Point to proceed with geological sample collection and photography.

Halfway through, it started to rain. Increasing rain intensity made terrain slippery and the helmets in the EVA suits foggy. These conditions made operations difficult, and after evaluating their situation, the team decided to return to the Hab. EVA was concluded earlier than planned at 1551 hours.

Destination: Old Repeater Point, North Ridge
Coordinates: 4250900/517950 (Old Repeater Point), 4251500/518600 (North Ridge)
Participants: Natalia Larrea (CO), Daniel Robson (HSO), Maria Grulich (MEDIA) Ghanim Alotaibi (ASTRO)
Roads and routes per MDRS Map: Climbing western ridgeline to Old Repeater Point, then proceeding north and then northeast to North Ridge
Mode of Travel: Walking

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