EVA Report – February 27th

Crew 206 EVA Report 27-Feb-2019
EVA #3

Author: Aurélien Mure

Purpose of EVA: The EVA is built to begin the exploration and to
familiarize the crew with mid range EVA’s. We will go with the rovers to
the moons region and start hiking from this point. The purpose will be
to explore by walking The Moon, Gray Moon, Beige Moon and Yellow Moon.
The rovers will be parked at the intersection between Copernicus Hwy and
Brahe Hwy, the rest will be done by walking counterclockwise starting
with Yellow Moon. It is important for us to start doing long EVA’s to be
used to it quickly. As 2 of us will be commanders of crews in 2020 and
we can’t know yet who would it be, the whole group needs to be trained
to all types of EVA’s. That is why we will continue to ask for EVA’s
with four marsonauts. Moreover, in our mind being two on each rover is
safer than being alone.

If we realize that the batteries won’t allow this, we will stop at White
moon and explore by hiking Beige Moon and Gray Moon, or if we have to
stop before near Reservoir Dam and Cowboy Corner.

Start time: 9:08 am

End time: 11:14 am

Narrative: After the 5 minute depressurization, our team Blue (Gaspard
and me) checked the rovers state, they were charged and ready. Team Red
(Benjamin and Norbert) checked the water level of the static tank. Team
Blue will ride Opportunity and Team Red Curiosity. The departure was at
9:18. We drove to the LOAC place to check quickly the battery level.
12,2V, everything is nominal, our experiment is on its ay. We drove
carefully with as objective saving energy. We checked the battery every
2 min to decide if we went to our plan A (Copernicus Hwy), plan B
(beginning of Brahe Hwy) or plan C (Reservoir Dam). We went through our
plan C destination with enough energy to continue until plan B
destination. Just after Reservoir Dam we decided to focus on plan B. We
arrived at the beginning of Brahe Hwy with 67% of battery for
Opportunity and 72% for Curiosity. We went for a walk in the region of
Grey Moon, for an hour and around 3km. The ground was very slippery so we
were extremely careful with our steps.

At 10:46 we decided to leave the place and go back to the Hab. We
arrived at 11:06, with Curiosity at 61% and Opportunity at 34%. With
Spirit that is supposed to be the laziest one, we stick to the reality
as on mars Curiosity is in operation, Opportunity has died 4 months ago
and Spirit a long time ago !

Destination: Gray Moon
Coordinates : 516450/4254800

Participants: Aurélien Mure (XO, EVA leader), Benjamin Auzou (COMMS ),
Gaspard Thieulin (ENG), Norbert Pouzin (GHO)
Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map : Entrance Road , Cow Dung Road

Mode of travel: Driving and Walking

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