EVA Report – March 9th

Crew 206 EVA Report 09-MAR-2019
EVA #9

Author: Norbert Pouzin

Purpose of EVA:

The purpose of this EVA was to test our new ‘SUPAERO spacesuit’ on a short exploration EVA, at Kissing Camels Ridge West.

After our EVA #6 where we tested it near the Hab and made basic nominal checking, we wanted to go further.

What will be tested with the new spacesuit:
– Ability to drive a rover
– Ability to walk for more than an hour
– Testing its autonomy
– Making little sample returns (rocks), to test the storage of the spacesuit

Start time: 9:11 am

End time: 10:49 am

Narrative: This morning we decided that this EVA would be safe to conduct, as there were no wind nor rain. So we left airlock at 9:11 to go to Kissing Camels Ridges, with Curiosity and Spirit.

This EVA was made to test our new prototype, the ‘SUPAERO spacesuit’.

Thus, I wore it for the EVA, as I had already worn it for the last EVA with the spacesuit (EVA#6), to do several tests.

The first thing we tested was my ability to conduct a rover, here Spirit, with the spacesuit. All went well since we had added a little cushion to support the weight of my backpack.

Then, we arrived at 9:29 at Kissing Camel Ridge, and started exploration, for more than an hour. I was able to walk that long, supporting the backpack, and the prototype proved us that it had enough autonomy to do such exploration.

It appeared that with this spacesuit, there is no fog at all on the helmet, but also that it is more tiresome to wear.

Aurélien also did some samples returns, for an educational project for a primary French school.

We came back to the hab at 10:49, after a successful EVA.

Destination: Kissing Camel Ridge

Coordinates: 518300/4249300 (Kissing Camels Ridges)

EVA Participants: Norbert Pouzin (GHO, EVA leader), Aurélien Mure (XO), Jeremy Auclair (CMD), Cerise Cuny (HSO).

Roads and routes per MDRS Map: Entrance Road, Cow Dung Road

Mode of travel: Driving and Walking

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