EVA Report – May 8th

Crew 212 EVA Report 08-MAY-2019

EVA #03

Author: Zoe Townsend

Purpose of EVA: First testing of drones, soils collection and thermal rover tests.

Start time: 09:00 AM

End time: 09:55 AM

Narrative: This was an EVA aimed at simultaneously running three experiments at once. However, at 07:00H we received a message from Shannon warning us about weather in the area and the potential of cancelling the EVA. It was decided at 08:30 that the weather was calm enough to attempt an EVA, however miscommunication between the crew meant that some believed the EVA was still 2hours whilst other believed it had been shortened to 1 hour from weather constraints. Due to the late start and the equipment required, the crew officially left the Hab at 09:30.

The first of the experiments was to collected soil, rock and sand samples. Whilst soil was collected, due to the location chosen and limited times the rock and sand were not collected in time in sufficient qualities and therefore the collection will be to be completed on another EVA.

The second experiment was to test the effectiveness of the thermal shielding that will be used as part of the rover. However, overconfidence with the flexibility of the suit meant that the experiment was planned for one person. Unfortunately, because of the wind and the fact the experiment takes place on the floor, two people are required next time to prevent damaging the blanket.

The final experiment was the first testing of the drones. The limited time frame prior to the mission meant that the RAM was not organised for pressurization. The contributed to the slow leaving of the HAB. When finally at the site the experiment was unable to be assembled in the timeframe.

Whilst none of the experiments were completed to satiation a number of lessons have me learnt and are summarised below from the after EVA debrief.

· Do a pre-briefing & post-briefing

· Always clarify EVA duration before it begins

· Devote more time to putting on radios & suits, check radios in advance,

· Respect communication protocols (not talk at the same time, only 1 person communicates with the Hab (this person must not be the driver)

· Hab must pay attention to coms with crew, speak slowly

· Keep close distance to each other & buddy system (always in pairs)

· Drone EVAs independent from other EVAs

· Backwards manoeuvres in rovers should be cleared

Destination: South of Poohs Corner

Coordinates (UTM NAD27 CONUS): Sector12S Northern 518781, Eastern 4250775

EVA Participants: Hector, Vittorio (Medic), Paolo and Zoe (Commander)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: 1103 and Poohs Corner

Mode of travel: (walking or driving)? Driving [required for transportation of experiments]

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