Journalist Report – May 9th

Today we woke up to start with a morning EVA. Two experiments were run in tandem, this was the rover and drone project. The rover project was the retesting of the thermal blanket, with assistance, as per the debrief of EVA#4. The initial results suggest a successful experiment. In addition two of the three drones went for their first flight test. This involved first finding points of interest around the Hab, these points will be explored in future EVA with drones.

First observations using the solar telescope were undertaken by two crew members looking through the eye piece. Next time there is hope that the pictures can be taken of the sun.

Secondly, the problem solving experiment was ran twice. This was to make up for the missed day on Sol 1 where the crew misunderstood the explanation of the game.

After a successful European Cultural night where pasta, cheeses and desserts of Europe were showcased the left over pasta was eaten today. Basil was harvested from the GreenHab and used to make homemade pesto for the pasta. The carrots will be used tonight for the Latin American Cultural night as part of the Peruvian dishes. We love the Greenhab!

Interviews were compiled for the WOMAD festival science tent. These videos will be used as part of a final video presentation that will be displayed at the festival. In addition, written statements were taken for The Engineer blog.

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