EVA Report – May 10th

Crew 212 EVA Report 10-MAY-2019

EVA #05

Author: Marlen Castillo Vilcahuaman

Purpose of EVA: Locating the Martian flora according to Paul Sokoloff’s study, to obtain their soil for the study of microbiological diversity in desert soils. We’ll take photos of the flowers, characterize and pick up their soil.

Start time: 10:30 AM
End time: 11:30 AM


The purpose of this EVA was to find the Martian flora registered in Sokoloff’s paper. Although we have no work in plant ecology for this mission, we thought soil samples from flowers would have an interesting diversity in microbes, which would mean more morphological diversity in the petri dish. We asked for two rovers (Spirit and Curiosity).

However, the LA Times visit altered our plans. We took Opportunity too so that they could come with us and watch our fieldwork during EVAs. Our final point was Sector12S Northern 4250933, Eastern 518167. But we had problems with Spirit. Just after turning in Galileo Road 1104, one of our crew members reported that Spirit was with 70% of battery.

We were surprised by this battery usage. Hence, we decided to stop at that point (12S 518779.59 m E 4251383.04 m N) and do our recollection work, collecting soils and flowers and doing some photography of them. After 20 minutes of walking and going around the field in search of flowers, we decided to turn around and go back to the Hab.

Spirit arrived at the Hab with 58% of battery. Curiosity’s return was nicer, with its battery being higher than 60%.

We collected four soil samples, identifying them per plant.

Destination: URC North Site and continuing in the first part of the road on the east.

Coordinates (UTM NAD27 CONUS):

Looked forward to Sector12S Northern 4250933, Eastern 518167
Stayed in: 12S 518779.59 m E 4251383.04 m N

EVA Participants: Marlen (Commander), Mariona (EVA’s HSO), Camilo

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: 1103, Galileo Road 1104

Mode of travel: driving and walking

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