Sol Summary – May 10th

Crew 212 Sol 5 Summary Report 10-MAY-2019

Sol: 5

Summary Title: After the rain, it’s always the sun again

Author’s name: Marlen Castillo Vilcahuaman

Mission Status: A-ok

Sol Activity Summary: There were 2 EVAs programmed for today. We had some issues with Spirit’s battery (see Operations report) that’ll we’ll need to keep an eye on. We’ll see how this rover handles itself in the following days. Oh. And we also had the visit of the LA Times!

Look Ahead Plan: 1 EVA for tomorrow, and new creative ways to prepare our meals (we discovered that this is an entertaining task!)

Anomalies in work: None

Weather: We had a cloudy day. After some heavy rain, now the sun is sure shining!

Crew Physical Status: A crewmember had an incident (please see HSO report)

EVA: 1

Reports to be file: Operations Report, GreenHab Report, Journalist Report, Daily Photo Report, EVA Request, Space Suit Report, EVA Report.

Support Requested: The Non-Burnable trash bag needs to be picked up. We’re also looking for some greens in our food, if possible. Broccoli is running out.

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