Sol Summary – May 14th

Crew 212 Sol 9 Summary Report 14-MAY-2019

Sol: 9

Summary Title: Mars is teaching us stuff

Author’s name: Marlen Castillo Vilcahuaman

Mission Status: A-ok

Sol Activity Summary: An engineering EVA was done today. The objective of this EVA was to test the three rovers we have at the hab, to know which ones are ideal for short or long EVAs. We are elaborating a specific report refered to these rovers and their current status. An afternoon EVA was performed with two crew members. They report they had inconveniences to return to the hab at time (please, see EVA report for more details).

Look Ahead Plan: An EVA will be requested for tomorrow to continue with the experiments. We’ll also have to get creative with our food.

Anomalies in work: Opportunity overheated again in the engineering EVA. It was safely retrieved this afternoon. More details in the report.

Weather: The day was sunny. Afternoon is showing a lot of clouds.

Crew Physical Status: A-ok

EVA: 1

Reports to be file: EVA report, Space Suit Report, Operations report, Green Hab report, Journalist report, EVA request

Support Requested: None.

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