EVA #12 Report – May 16th

Crew 212 EVA Report 17-MAY-2019

EVA #012

Author: Zoe Townsend

Purpose of EVA: Collection of sand for outreach purposes and physiological experiments to see how the suits performed in exercise.

Start time: 09.30

End time: 11.00


Today’s EVA was aimed at assisting with the project on the physiological effects of the suits. The EVA was to walk up to the Mid Ridge Planitia viewpoint to see how much oxygen was in the blood before and after the EVA, therefore assessing the suitability of the suits.

The experiment was deemed a partial failure where there were difficulties in isolating the suit to the outside elements. The windy weather also affected the testing where it wasn’t a true test of the suits fans ability.

Summary of the debrief, after the EVA:

  • · Communication was the best over all the sim
  • · Issue with clarification of time change (read earlier email from commander)

Coordinates (UTM NAD27 CONUS): Sector12S Northern 4251250, Eastern 516000

EVA Participants: Paola, Mariona (Medic), Camilo and Zoe (Commander)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Sagan Street 1103

Mode of travel: (walking or driving)? Walking.

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