Sol Summary – May 16th

Crew 212 Sol 11 Summary Report 16-MAY-2019

Sol: 11

Summary Title: Martian Lessons

Author’s name: Marlen Castillo Vilcahuaman

Mission Status: A-ok

Sol Activity Summary: Today was a windy day for EVAs. After asking permission to the Director (with the previous anouncement to Mission Support after an issue with pasta beating), some crew members went to the walking EVA. We’re happy to notice that, today, we kept communication all the time. Radios where performing fine and the Hab could always communicate with the EVA crew.

Look Ahead Plan: Trying to use the most of our last days in MDRS. EVA requests for tomorrow.

Anomalies in work: None.

Weather: Windy, really windy.

Crew Physical Status: A-ok

EVA: 1

Reports to be file: EVA report, Space Suit Report, Operations report, Green Hab report, Journalist report, Daily Pictures, EVA requests

Support Requested: There’s a delivery for Saturday for one of the crew members. They have sent it to the PO Box.

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