Crew 216 Journalist Report 04Dec2019

[title Journalist Report– December 04th]

Crew 216 Journalist Report 04-DEC-19
Sol 10
Author: Evgenia Alexandrova

Mornings begin really early in the Hab. Usually around 5am one can see the glimpses of light under the doors of certain crew members. Jetlag doesn’t give up on me so at this time I usually read. This morning’s reading brought this insight to me. There are two main things that are really important in life. First: quality of our relationships with other people. Second: whether or not we will have enough courage to admit who we really are and make our dreams come true. At MDRS we practice both. While we play board games and when we climb a rock on an EVA. When we cook diner and when we try to contact the ISS. When we water the plants in the GreenHab and when we work on gypsum in the Science Dome. Even when we just wait in silence the end of depressurization in the Airblock.

And traditionally a new poem for the audience:

Walking on the sand to roam

We found an ancient blackened bone

Further still were polished stones

By wind and moving water born

We reached the mighty Phobos peak

And all around saw majesty

The ground was smooth and rough between

We marveled at the things we’d seen

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