Crew 216 Greenhab report 05Dec19

[title Greenhab Report– December 05th]

Crew 216 GreenHab Report 05-DEC-19
Crew GreenHab Officer: Michael Ho

Environmental control: Door opened for ventilation at 12.15 pm, closed at 5.15 pm.
Average temperature: 18C
Hours of supplemental light: Automatic system
Daily water usage for crops: 15L
Daily water usage for research and/or other purposes: nil
Water in Blue Tank – enough
Time(s) of watering for crops: 9.40 am; 4.45 pm.

(Plants introduced since 03/11/2019 till 22/11/2019 please refer to Crew 215 GreenHab Report of 22/11/2019.)
Crew 216:
2 avocado seeds suspended in metal pot of water. 1" submerged in water.
1 avocado seed in small black pot
1 avocado seed in small black pot
seeded Zucchini in 2 large black pots
seeded Chilli Pepper ‘Shishito’ in 2 2-gallon black pots
seeded Sweet Greenfield Pepper ‘California Wonder’ in 2 2-gallon black pots
seeded Swiss Chard ‘Flamingo Pink’ in 4 2-gallon black pots
transplanted three self-seeded tomato plants in large blue tub transplanted to 2-gallon pots

1st sprouts:
Tomato – 5th pot of 6 pots!

Harvest: None
Support/supplies requested:nil.


Crew 216 Journalist report 05Dec19

[title Journalist Report– December 05th]

Crew 216 Journalist Report 05-DEC-19
Sol 11
Author: Evgenia Alexandrova

How to get a morning panic attack? I have a good recipe for that. Wake up early in the morning at MDRS and realize that you have only two more days left in sim and too much stuff to finalize before it’s over. Time is too long when we’re waiting and there never enough time when we are late. But let’s not talk about time, we’ve already covered this subject in our previous editions. Let’s talk about space. In all of its meanings.

How do we appropriate spaces? What do we call home? Or better: when do we start feeling like at home in a place?

It is hard for us in the crew to imagine there were crews before us and there will be some after. The MDRS belongs to us now. But according to the King Solomon “Everything goes by. And this too shall pass”.

Early today in bentonite bay, a dark fog was all around.

It shimmered and quivered and easily clouded the mound

Us all inside we had to hide from feelings of leaving forlorn

Going home soon the sadness does loom, that our red home we will morn


Crew 216 Operations Report 05Dec19

[title Operations Report– December 05th]

Crew 216 Operations Report 05 Dec-19
SOL: 11
Name of person filing report: Mike Lawson
Non-nominal systems: NA
Generator: run
Hours run: 13.5
From what time last night: 1728
To what time this morning: 0657
List any additional daytime hours when the generator was run: N/A
Solar— SOC % (Before generator is run at night): 77%
Diesel Reading – 33
Station Propane Reading – 51
Ethanol Free Gasoline: N/A
Water (loft tank) (gal): 47
Water Meter (units): 1465338
Water (static tank) (gal): 184
Static to Loft Pump used – yes
Water in Green Hab (gal): 244
Water in Science Dome (gal): 0
Toilet tank emptied: yes
Deimos rover used: no
Beginning charge:
Ending charge:
Currently charging:
Sojourner rover used: no
Beginning charge:
Ending charge:
Currently charging:
Spirit rover used: no
Hours: 116
Beginning charge: (Before EVA): 100
Ending charge: (On return from EVA, before recharging): 100
Currently charging:
Opportunity rover used: no
Hours: 68.7
Beginning charge: 100
Ending charge: 100
Currently charging: yes
Curiosity rover used: no
Hours: 121
Beginning charge: 100
Ending charge: (On return from EVA, before charging): 100%
Currently charging: yes
Notes on rovers: Opportunity and Deimos off-site for maintenance.
ATV’s Used: (Honda, 300, 350.1, 350.2, 350.3): no
Reason for use: N/A
Oil Added? no
# Hours the ATVs were used today: 0
Notes on ATVs:
HabCar used and why, where?
CrewCar used and why, where?
General notes and comments: Weather day, no EVAs. Crew meeting to plan station standown/handoff/end of sim.
Summary of internet: Erratic/unstable wifi connection. Director reports possible issue with MagWeb wireless gateway.
Summary of suits and radios: Suit 4 airflow is weak, possibly a battery charging issue.
Summary of Hab operations: Routine maintenance and housekeeping tasks. Hot water line vibration is extreme when pump engages. Recommend securing it to HAB wall or risk fitting failure.
Summary of GreenHab operations: routine watering.
Summary of Science Dome operations: Test ingots of plaster of paris subjected to destructive load testing.
Summary of RAM operations: RAM Rover power charging stations inop, electrical issues remain unresolved.
Summary of any observatory issues: NA
Summary of health and safety issues: NA
Questions, concerns and requests to Mission Support: 1 bag B, 1 bag NB trash in airlock.


Crew 216 Research Report 05Dec19

[title Research Report– December 05th]

Crew 216 Research Report 5-Dec-2019
Sol 11
Submitted by: Whittle

1) Psych Scale (TAMU IRB2019-1042D) – 3rd stage surveys completed, final stage on Saturday.

2) Medical Casts – Tested 6 blocks to destruction to determine shear yield stress. Determined ideal composition for proof of concept cast to be completed.

3) In-Situ Fluorescent Mineral Prospecting – EVA was successful with several samples obtained. Further evaluation will be done in Hab in a controlled dark room and compared against reference materials.

4) MDRS Mapping – Nothing further to report.

5) MDRS Communications – No new developments on this project today.

Crew 216 Commander Report 05Dec2019

[title Commander Report– December 05th]

Crew 216 Commander Report 05-DEC-2019
Sol: 11
Summary Title: One Sol to go
Author: Marc Levesque
The station was alternatively quiet and busy indoors today. Projects were being wrapped up, while others used the time to rest or work on personal tasks. There is mixture of sadness and anticipation among the crew as we are aware of how close we are to the end. Our mix of six previous strangers have become much more familiar with each other, and some conversations have been overheard about meeeting up again in the future. It is impressive how well we have bonded as a team and how much has been accomplished by individuals on their projects. All will have been completed by mission’s end. I continue to feel blessed by this crew. My role as commander has been much lighter and easier than anticipated, and for this I am extremely grateful.

Crew 216 Sol Summary 05Dec2019

[title Sol Summary – December 05th]

Crew 216 Sol Summary Report 05-DEC-19
Sol: 11
Summary Title: Winding down
Author: Marc Levesque
Mission Status: Active
Sol Activity Summary: The crew spent the day trying to complete as many tasks as possible on their projects in anticipation of completing their MDRS mission. These included finishing Crew 215’s materials project, capturing more footage for Evgenia’s film, and Michael processing his drone footage and tending to GreenHab and Observatory activities, while others tended to household and administrative tasks. Tomorrow will be the crew’s last full Sol of sim, and work will begin on station clean up to ease the workload on Saturday after the crew goes out of sim on Firday evening.
Look Ahead Plan: Complete personal projects, including one EVA for returning rock samples and capturing final film footage, and start station clean up.
Anomalies in work: N/A.
Weather: Rain and cold overnight, then clearing.
Crew Physical Status: Healthy
EVAs: None
Reports to be filed: Sol Summary Report, Commander Report, Operations Report, GreenHab Report, Journalist Report, Research Report, Astronomy Report, and Photos.
Support Requested: None

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