Crew 216 Research Report 04Dec2019

[title Research Report – December 04th]

Crew 216 Research Report 4-Dec-2019
Sol 10
Submitted by: Whittle

1) Psych Scale (TAMU IRB2019-1042D) – 3rd stage surveys completed, final stage on Saturday.

2) Medical Casts – Created 6 sample blocks with varying composition, 1:2 water to gypsum and 7.5:10 respectively. Sample blocks currently drying. Developed methodology for shear stress testing. Will test tomorrow to record shear stress. More powdered gypsum ready for use with simulated cast using strongest composition.

3) In-Situ Fluorescent Mineral Prospecting – EVA was successful with several samples obtained. Further evaluation will be done in Hab in a controlled dark room and compared against reference materials.

4) MDRS Mapping – Nothing further to report.

5) MDRS Communications – No new developments on this project today. Attempted communications with ISS flyover, no response.

6) Mars terraforming simulation was executed with success in 18 generations. Kennedy’s corporation was ultimately successful in the technical aspects but the whole group was able to enjoy the process.


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