Crew 216 Sol Summary 04Dec2019

[title Sol Summary – December 04th]

Crew 216 Sol Summary Report 04-DEC-19
Sol: 10
Summary Title: Phobos Peak and International Space Station
Author: Marc Levesque
Mission Status: Active
Sol Activity Summary: The morning’s EVA to Phobos Peak captured some great film footage for Evgenia’s project and allowed Michael an opportunity to do the same for his drone project. The landscape around MDRS is different no matter which direction you go, and the view from Phobos was spectacular. The afternoon EVA was short, less than 100 meters, to set up the radio in the Crew Commander’s vehicle for an attempt to conduct an amateur radio contact with the International Space Station. Alas, no one was listening, but it was certainly worth a shot. As usual, GreenHab and Astronomy activities were ongoing.
Look Ahead Plan: Starting to wrap up projects with no EVAs.
Anomalies in work: N/A.
Weather: Clear and cold.
Crew Physical Status: Healthy
EVAs: To Phobos Peak and Crew Commander’s vehicle
Reports to be filed: Sol Summary Report, Commander Report, Operations Report, GreenHab Report, Journalist Report, Research Report, EVA Report, Astronomy Report, and Photos.
Support Requested: None


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