GreenHab Officer Report – December 6th

Crew 216 GreenHab Report 06-DEC-19
Crew GreenHab Officer: Michael Ho

Environmental control: Door opened for ventilation at 11.30 am, closed at 4.45 pm.
Average temperature: 18C
Hours of supplemental light: Automatic system
Daily water usage for crops: 10L
Daily water usage for research and/or other purposes: nil
Water in Blue Tank - enough
Time(s) of watering for crops: 9.30 am; 4.35 pm.

(Plants introduced since 03/11/2019 till 22/11/2019 please refer to Crew 215 GreenHab Report of 22/11/2019.)
Crew 216:
2 avocado seeds suspended in metal pot of water. 1" submerged in water.
1 avocado seed in small black pot
1 avocado seed in small black pot
seeded Zucchini in 2 large black pots
seeded Chilli Pepper 'Shishito' in 2 2-gallon black pots
seeded Sweet Greenfield Pepper 'California Wonder' in 2 2-gallon black pots
seeded Swiss Chard 'Flamingo Pink' in 4 2-gallon black pots
transplanted three self-seeded tomato plants in large blue tub transplanted to 2-gallon pots

1st sprouts:
Sweet Peppers - 2nd of 4 pots!

Harvest: None
Support/supplies requested:nil.

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