Sol Summary – December 8th

Crew 217 Sol Summary Report 8-DEC-2019

Sol: 0

Summary Title: NASA Spaceward Bound Utah Begins!

Author’s name: Shannon Rupert

Mission Status: Three members of Crew 217 have arrived today although we don’t officially begin tomorrow morning at 9 am.

Sol Activity Summary: Crew 216 left early this morning. They left the
campus as clean as I always dream it can be. My thanks for their

Look Ahead Plan: The entire crew will meet at 9 am to determine the
goals and objectives of our week together.

Anomalies in work: Nothing to report

Weather: Partly cloudy and very warm for this time of year

Crew Physical Status: Excited to begin this adventure

EVA: Nothing to report

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary and Operations Report

Support Requested: Nothing at this time

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