Sol Summary – December 24th

Sol: 02

Summary Title: The Weather on Mars is Frightful, but the Hab is so Delightful….

Author’s name: Pat Pesa

Mission Status: Crew is disappointed in the canceling of EVAs, but enjoying the beauty of the snow.

Sol Activity Summary: Crew started the day with some yoga, started some measurements for indoor heat stress analysis, and made significant progress towards a Martian Puzzle.

Look ahead plan: Tomorrow we will stay inside the Hab once more and have some Christmas festivities.

Anomalies in work: None

Weather: Cloudy and Snowing, around 34 degrees

Crew physical status: healthy

EVA: none

Reports to be filed: sol summary, commander report, operations report, greenhab report, journalist report, EVA report

Support Requested: none

Geologist, MDRS 218

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