GreenHab Report – Dec 25th

Crew 218 GreenHab Report 25-DEC-19

Crew GreenHab Officer: Dr. Jonathan R. Buzan with Shefali Rana completing morning tasks.

Environmental control: Heating.

Shade cloth (40% and 30%) on.

Average temperature: 22.8°C; 20%.


Floor Unit: 20°C

Electronic: 28.2°C

humidity 16%


Floor Unit: 11°C

Electronic: 20.1°C

humidity 20%


Floor Unit: 15°C

Electronic: 21.7°C

humidity 19%

Max: 30°C; 26%

Min: 15.5°C; 15%

Hours of supplemental light: Light system 7:20PM-12:20AM.

Daily water usage for crops: 2.2Gal. (last night’s miracle food watering has left almost all plants very moist to wet).

Daily water usage for research and/or other purposes: N/A

Water in Blue Tank – ~121 Gal.

Time(s) of watering for crops: 7:00PM


Change to crops: None.


1st sprouts: Zucchini leaves have opened.

—Added structural support to snow peas.

—Recommend changing location of snow peas. The leaves are drying out even with wet soil. The planter is in direct path of heater unit.

—Opened door at 11:40AM.

—Closed door at 4:30PM.

—Mouse was spotted in the Habitat. Moved the trap from GreenHab to Habitat, which still has dried sweet potato. Hopefully this isn’t a ruse for the GreenHab…


Christmas Salad. Used Science Lab scale to measure harvest. Shefali Rana and Luz Maria Agudelo Urrego assisted.

—Radish Leaves: 82.25g

—Carrot Leaves: 12.40g

—Green Leaf Chard: 14.08g

—Wild Rocket: 15.05g

—Spinach Lakeside: 13.00g

—Swiss Chard: 14.71g

—Cilantro: 7.75g

—Basil: 12.37g

—Sage: 1.15g

—Chives: 2.79g

—Pineapple Mint: 1.78g

—Marjoram: 0.88g

Collected for dinner bread (used GreenHab scale):

—Rosemary: 14g

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