Commander Report – December 26th

Crew 218 Commander Report 26-12-2019

Sol 4 – Boxed Day

In what is Boxing Day on Earth, we feel a little “boxed” or “caged”. Still too much snow on the ground and a foggy and cloudy weather kept us indoor again. Most of our projects are based on EVAs and outdoor observations and data or sample collection, which leaves us with plenty of spare time while waiting until we will finally have appropriate conditions to don our space suits and venture outside. We now therefore have mixed feelings: a very Martian-like situation that gives us a personal challenge and the chance for self-evaluation for what concerns our capability of spending time inside the habitat, and at the same time a little concern and sadness for all the research projects we are eager to perform (with much hope that the weather will improve soon). Overall, though, I am extremely pleased with the crew’s attitude towards this disruption. Though we are all putting up weight because a little boredom brings us often towards snacks and food, we are having a balanced mix of work, crew time and team activities, and personal time, and the morale is still high and full of hope! On a final note, yesterday we had a movie night and the crew selected (without any push from their commander) the favorite movie of Purdue Fencing Club, of which I have been a member since 2011: The Princess Bride!

Cesare, Commander

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