Science Report – December 28th

Crew 218 Science Report 28-DEC-2019
Crew Science Officer: Dr. Jonathan R. Buzan

1. Decision Making in support of autonomy for crew EVAs:

No EVA: nothing to report.

2. Mars surface weather:

No EVA: nothing to report.

3. Subsurface structure on Mars:

No EVA: nothing to report.

4. Detecting radio signal strength:

No EVA: nothing to report.

5. EVA workload analysis:

No EVA: nothing to report.

6. EMU (Extravehicular Mobility Unit) ergonomic assessment:

No EVA: nothing to report.

7. Environmental Stresses over MDRS habitat and Crew Members and projection over Martian Terrain:

The Crew Engineer, Luz Maria Agudelo Urrego, reported that overnight data collection was completed.

We present preliminary results. The x-axis is time in a 24 hour period, the y-axis is temperature (°C), and each color represents a different day in the LuzMa’s room. The threshold of 26.6°C is considered the lower limit for human thermal heat stress.
Unexpectedly, the nighttime temperatures are surpassing the threshold, and are sustained throughout the night.

8. Messier and other space objects for outreach:

Cloudy Weather: nothing to report.

9. Reliability and maintenance:

No EVA: nothing to report.

10. Medical readings in preparation for future crew-wide project:

No EVA: nothing to report.

11. Collection of clay, shale, and hematite samples:

No EVA: nothing to report.

12. Media and outreach:

The Crew Journalist, Benjamin Durkee, has developed interview questions and will interview each crew member.

Glassware check out: None

A reminder to all crewmembers: There’s a $300 fine for using any glassware material without MDRS Mission support permission.


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