Commander Report – December 30th

Crew 218 Commander Report – 30-12-2019

Sol 8 – Out on white Mars

Today we had a long and productive day. Our dishes piling up because of frozen pipes, we opted for a quick smoothie for breakfast before delving into EVA activity. Luz Ma and Shefali had our first all-women EVA, destination Galileo Road, and they surveyed the situation of the roads for us. Luz Ma took weather observations while Shefali could participate in person in her project of evaluation of EVA and EMU suits. Once they came back, we completed a team activity to use an auxiliary pump, a hose, and various pots to transfer water from our large static tank to the loft tank, that is the source of water for our kitchen, washroom, and toilet. The second EVA, with me, Pat and Ben, took a longer route and brought us to the intersection with Brahe Hwy. All three of us collected valuable data for our projects. When we re-entered, we were welcome by fresh, warm rosemary bread which I had started before EVA egress. Reinforced by the various adversities we faced together, we are on a steep learning curve to become better Martians inside and outside the habitat!

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