Commander Report – January 03rd


Crew 218 Commander Report – 03-01-2020

Sol 12 – Good things come to an end? Good things go into better things!

As usual, time during a mission at MDRS flies. So, we are already on our way back to Earth, ready to open our hatch and come out of simulation tomorrow. It has been a fantastic ride, with different challenges than in my previous missions, mostly weather-related, and a lot of fun and good work. The feelings are mixed: we are a little tired and probably ready to come back to our friends and families, though we know that the first impact with crowds will be surprising. There is obviously some sadness, as it is for every good thing that comes to an end. But my feeling is that the kind of good things that we do at MDRS do not end here, but they evolve into better things. This is true not only for those who, like me, are veterans of MDRS. Everybody who is part of a crew at MDRS goes back home with more inspiration to be spread around, with a better understanding of the challenges of space exploration and of oneself, and with the pride of having given a personal contribution to the great endeavor we all dream of: expanding our horizons, both personal and as humankind, to be able to leave Earth on the route of exploration and knowledge and adventure.

My gratitude to the many people who supported our mission!

Cesare Guariniello, Commander

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