Sol Summary – January 5th

Crew 219 Sol Summary Report 05-01-2020


Summary Title:

Final Countdown to Launch

Author’s name: Dave Masaitis

Mission Status: Preparing for sim

Sol Activity Summary: Today Crew 219 spent much of the day conducting
pre-mission training, completing a proficiency quiz, inventorying food
and filling water, and of course, heating frozen pipes. Most
importantly, all maintenance attempted was completed and water got
filled, even in the loft tank. We will spend the evening polishing our
mission plan, and then we’re off to bed early, to start our simulation
fully rested.

Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow will consist of two EVA’s to get researchers
out into areas of interest for sample collection, as well as orienting
the whole crew to our region of operations. We will also be closely
monitoring our water delivery system, though today’s work gave us some
good techniques to get water flowing despite our continuous cold
weather. We will be using down time around the campus to finish our
initial inventories. If time allows in the evening, we will also be
testing through our UAV in an attempt to make it operational after

Anomalies in work: None at present

Weather: Dominantly overcast and cold, with sporadic light flurries of snow.

Crew Physical Status: Nominal – No injuries


Reports to be file:

Sol Summary

Journalist Report

GreenHab Report

Operations Report

Photos (Including Photo of the Day)

Support Requested: See operations report

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