Sol Summary – January 8th


Crew 219 Sol Summary Report 08-01-2020

Sol: 2

Summary Title: Pancakes, Fresh Bread, Sunshine, and Snow Flurries

Author’s name: Dave Masaitis

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: Sol 3 began with N. Hadland and A. Perez preparing a delicious pancake breakfast for the crew, followed by the departure and early return of EVA #5. Afterwards, the crew settled into science and maintenance tasks, punctuated by periods of novel reading. By 1230 hours, all hands went below to help EVA#6 prepare for departure. While they were out H. Blackburn baked a couple loaves of fresh bread, which would be summarily consumed after the EVA’s return. The crew spent their time before Comms troubleshooting radios and thawing water pipes (again). In great news, Crew 219 now has well established troubleshooting procedures to keep water flowing from the static tank to the loft tank.

Look Ahead Plan: We look forward to two more sampling EVA’s and will continue maintenance and science work around the campus.

Anomalies in work: None

Weather: Cold and overcast all day, with temperatures below freezing. There was a brief moment of sunshine towards sundown, which was quickly replaced with cloud cover and light snow flurries.

Crew Physical Status: Nominal


EVA #5 – Geologic Sample Collection SW of Hab Ridge (0517500/4250100)

EVA #6 – Geologic Sample Collection around Phobos Peak (0519500/4250100)

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