EVA Report – January 10th

Crew 219 EVA Report 10 JAN 2020

EVA #10

Author: Nathan Hadland

Purpose of EVA: The primary purpose of this EVA was sampling for our
geology project. Post-EVA, we collected data for our biometrics

Start time: 1253 hrs

End time: 1513 hrs

Narrative: EVA #10 initiated a 5-minute decompression at 1253 hours
and headed north towards North Ridge. We then proceeded up Hab Ridge
using the Sagan Street (1103) access road. Abdul Elnagdi (GEO)
identified a site for sampling and we took 5 samples at the top of the
ridge and recorded GPS locations. The EVA team then walked along Sagan
Street until reaching Mid Ridge Planitia and took 5 additional
samples. The team then proceeded back along Sagan Street and descended
Hab Ridge. The team arrived safely back to the Hab and picked up the
optical mount for analysis. The EVA crew entered the air lock at 1508
hours and successfully pressurized in the air lock at 1513 hours.

Destination: Just east of Mid Ridge Planitia

Coordinates: 0516800/4251600

Participants: Nathan Hadland (XO), Alejandro Perez (ENG), Robinson
Raphael (ASTRO), Abdul Elnagdi (GEO)

Roads and routes per MDRS Map: North towards North Ridge and then
climbed Hab Ridge near Schubert Pass using Sagan Street (1103). We
then headed west towards Mid Ridge Planitia following Sagan Street

Mode of travel: Walking

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