Research Report – January 10th

Crew 219 Science Report 10-JAN-20
Crew Science Officer: Hannah Blackburn

1. Biometrics and Neurobehavioral Research

Continued taking sleep and post-EVA logs. Post-EVA biometrics were recorded.

2. UAV

Nothing to report.

3. Dust Mitigation for Optical Mirrors

Mirrors were recovered during EVA 10 and returned to the Hab for analysis.

4. Astrophotography of Celestial Bodies

Nothing to report. Still poor visibility 🙁

5. Remediation of Mars Regolith

Inoculated regolith examined under microscope. Cyanobacteria appears
to have died, most likely due to wide fluctuations in temperature.

6. Chemical and Mineralogical Composition of the MDRS Site

Samples were dried in the oven using glass beakers. Additional samples
were taken during EVA 10.

7. Protocols for the Discovery of Life on Mars

Nothing to report.

Glassware check out:

10 glass beakers (sizes between 200 and 500 ml) were used to dry
regolith samples.

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