EVA Report – January 13th


 Crew 219 EVA Report 13 JAN 2020

EVA#: 13

Author: Nathan Hadland

Purpose of EVA: The primary purpose of this EVA was sampling for our
geology project. Post-EVA, we collected data for our biometrics

Start time: 1313 hrs

End time: 1513 hrs

Narrative: At 1313 hours, EVA #13 initiated a 5-minute decompression
and moved to Curiosity and Spirit. After reporting SOC and hours, we
progressed north along Cow Dung Road until we reached Brahe Hwy. We
moved west on foot through White Moon. After taking 5 regolith
samples, the crew then continued west to Beige Moon. The crew then
took 5 additional samples and then turned around and headed east back
to the rovers. Curiosity and Spirit arrived back at the Hab at 1508
hours. There was a health and safety incident at the end of the EVA;
refer to the HSO report for more details.

Destination: Beige Moon

Coordinates: 0516000/4254300

Participants: Nathan Hadland (XO), Alejandro Perez (ENG), Robinson
Raphael (ASTRO), Abdul Elnagdi (GEO)

Roads and routes per MDRS Map: North on Cow Dung Road (0110) parking
at the intersection of Brahe Hwy (1575) and walking west through White
Moon and Beige Moon along Brahe Hwy.

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