EVA Report – January 15th

Crew 219 EVA Report 15-01-2020
EVA #15
Author: Dave Masaitis
Purpose of EVA: Sampling of geologic evidence of life forms
Start time: 1001 hrs
End time: 1147 hrs
Narrative: EVA #15 exited the Hab campus northbound on foot towards
North Ridge at 1001 hrs. According to the briefed plan, D. Masaitis
moved approximately 100m in advance of the rest of the EVA element to
gain visual identification of an unimproved route and begin recording
coordinates for future use. Upon reaching the top of the route, D.
Masaitis halted to await the rest of the team, and upon their arrival,
EVA #15 began identifying sites of interest. The EVA team sampled
along the northern and western limits of Hab Ridge first, and then
moved south and east as they cataloged samples. Upon reaching the
eastern limit overlooking the Hab, the team conversed and concluded
that they had appropriately screened the area, and decided to proceed
carefully down the eastern slope of Hab Ridge to arrive at the Hab by
1147 hours.
Destination: Hab Ridge
Coordinates: 0517700/4251600
Participants: D. Masaitis (CO), K. Crisman (HSO), H. Blackburn (LSO),
C. Montanez (GHO)
Roads and routes per MDRS Map: N towards North Ridge, WSW up an
unimproved route ( coordinates listed below) adjacent to North Ridge,
S to Hab Ridge, and E back to the Hab.

Coordinates for unimproved route, from NE to SW (Safe for future passage):


Crew 219 EVA Report 15 JAN 2020

EVA#: 16

Author: Nathan Hadland

Purpose of EVA: The primary purpose of this EVA was sampling for our
geology project and astrobiology projects. Post-EVA, we collected data
for our biometrics project.

Start time: 1313 hrs

End time: 1542 hrs

Narrative: At 1313 hours, EVA #16 initiated a 5-minute decompression
and moved to Curiosity and Spirit. After reporting SOC and hours, we
progressed south along Cow Dung Road until we reached the intersection
of Peiades Rd. We moved east on foot towards the North Pinto Hills.
Along the way, we took 5 regolith samples and recorded coordinates.
The crew then continued northeast to the North Pinto Hills region. The
crew then took additional biological samples along the way. The crew
then turned around and headed southwest back to the rovers. Curiosity
and Spirit safely arrived back at the Hab at 1537 hours and
successfully depressurized in the airlock at 1542 hours.

Destination: North Pinto Hills

Coordinates: 0521000/4248800

Participants: Nathan Hadland (XO), Alejandro Perez (ENG), Robinson
Raphael (ASTRO), Abdul Elnagdi (GEO)

Roads and routes per MDRS Map: South on Cow Dung Road (0110), parking
at the intersection of Peiades Rd and walking northeast towards North
Pinto Hills.

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