EVA Report – January 16th

Crew 219 EVA Report 16-01-2020

EVA #17

Author: Dave Masaitis

Purpose of EVA: Sample return

Start time: 0908 hrs
End time: 1013 hrs

Narrative: EVA #17 completed a five-minute decompression by 0908 hours, mounted Spirit and Curiosity, and departed the Hab campus after reporting hours and SOC. The rovers proceeded northbound on Cow Dung Road until achieving a positive ID of Streambed Connector. The EVA team parked rovers and dismounted, proceeding east on foot along Streambed Connector. The streambed was full of patchy snow and ice, so the team moved cautiously along their directed route.

The route added approximately thirty minutes to planned transit time, so the team had to move swiftly to deposit samples once at their destination. Once complete, they discussed their route back and opted to try and retrace their incoming route as closely as possible. Only one team member fell through the ice, but no injuries were sustained, so they continued their movement to the rovers. The team proceeded southbound on Cow Dung Road to the Hab, re-entering the airlock at 1013 hours.

Destination: West of Candor Chasma
Coordinates: 0520000/4251500

Participants: D. Masaitis (HSO), N. Hadland (GHO), A. Elnajdi (GEO)

Roads and routes per MDRS Map: North on Cow Dung Road to Streambed Connector, East through Streambed Connector

Mode of travel: Rovers (Spirit and Curiosity) and Walking

EVA #18

Author: Cynthia Montanez

Purpose of EVA: Sample Return

Start Time: 1407 hrs
End Time: 1539 hrs

Narrative: EVA #18 is the last EVA crew 219 was able to do before completing their Mars analog mission. At 1407 hours, Cynthia (acting as CO) and Keith (acting as XO) lead their team 1 km south of Kissing Camel on Curiosity as Dave and Alejandro followed on Spirit.

When reaching their destination, Dave directed his crew to the specific locations each sample was taken from so that they could return their samples. Once completed, the EVA crew made their way back to the rovers and proceeded safely back to the Hab at 1539 hours.

Destination: 1 km S of Kissing Camel
Coordinates: 0518500/4248300

Participants: Cynthia Montanez (CO), Keith Crisman (XO), Dave Masaitis (HSO), Alejandro Perez (ENG)

Roads and Routes per MDRS Map: South on Cow Dung Road (0110), approximately 1 km south of Kissing Camel to return samples.

Mode of travel: Rovers (Spirit and Curiosity) and walking.

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