Science Report – January 16th

Crew 219 Science Report 16-JAN-20

Crew Science Officer: Hannah Blackburn

1. Biometrics and Neurobehavioral Research

All sleep logs and post-EVA surveys sent to HSO.

2. UAV

Disassembled drone for transport and discovered that multiple wires were not connected to motors 3 and 4.

3. Dust Mitigation for Optical Mirrors

Mirrors packed for transport.

4. Astrophotography of Celestial Bodies

Made color images of NGC4258, M40, and the whirlpool galaxy.

5. Remediation of Mars Regolith

Nothing to report.

6. Chemical and Mineralogical Composition of the MDRS Site

Samples prepared for transport.

7. Protocols for the Discovery of Life on Mars

Samples photographed and prepared for transport.

Glassware check out:

10 glass beakers (sizes between 200 and 500 ml) were cleaned, dried, and put away.

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